Brain Body Health

Manage your stress level – critical to health!

  • Stress is a “real” or “imaginary” threat to our body/brain
  • Activation of the “fight or flight” (sympathetic nervous system) that creates a hormonal cascade for survival.  In an acute setting, it is a healthy response.  However, when chronically activated, it has been linked to many disease processes, impaired brain function and reduced memory.
  • Stress alters the normal motility of our gut and depletes good bacteria
  • Imperative for overall health and brain health to activate the “rest and digest” nervous system (parasympathetic) by managing stress levels

Tips to help manage stress levels:

  • Meditation – any form of meditation has been shown to decrease cortisol secretion (fight or flight response).  Pick something simple and short to begin with.
  • Apps that are helpful: Calm, Insight Timer, Breathe, Headspace
  • Daily 5×5:  5 times/day, pause and take 5 Deep breaths – inhale through nose and exhale through mouth – focus in lengthening exhalation with each breath.
  • Exercise / yoga / Nature walks / Mindfulness
  • Pets / community involvement / Laughing
  • Find time in life to:
    • Pause and appreciate the moment, place and people in your life
    • Breathe – for calming, relaxation and regeneration
    • Be grateful
    • Enjoy community/family/friends
    • Find your purpose, meaning and intention