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Ensuring the best possible outcomes for full recovery and safe return to work, school, and sports.

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Who We Are

Think Head First, LLC is a medical practice that specializes in brain health and recovery from brain injuries.   We provide an individualized approach to the care and management of recovery from injury as well as addressing overall brain health.  We collaborate with established professionals and resources within the community to provide a multidisciplinary approach to overall wellness and recovery from injury.   In so doing, we strive to increase awareness and education regarding brain health and injury.

What we can do for you

Our unique model is based on the premise that overall brain health and recovery from injury involves multiple aspects that must work in concert to create the best environment for healing and optimal function.  Each facet has its contribution to the whole, as such, coordination within an all encompassing plan provides for the most ideal healing and growth.   Think Head First collaborates with appropriate resources based on each individual to create the best possible plan for each patient to recover from injury and optimize brain health.
  • Medical & neurological evaluation and assessment of current and pre-existing conditions.
  • Education including self-care strategies for recovery
  • Design and management of recovery therapies
  • Coordination with schools, employers, sports organizations regarding appropriate abilities and recovery strategy

Learn About Concussions

A concussion is the result of a blow (traumatic biomechanical force) to head or neck, which causes to the Brain to be rocked back and forth inside of the skull. There is transient impairment in brain function, but no damage to brain anatomy. This type of impact leads to an altered state of consciousness of mental awareness (disturbance in normal neurometabolism), which can either be temporary or prolonged.

Do I Have A Concussion?

Am I Concussed?

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