If in doubt, sit it out

Any suspected head injury should be taken seriously, seek evaluation

Monitor closely for the first 24 hours

Any worsening symptoms or red flags – seek immediate medical attention.

Trouble walking/talking
Numbness in arms/legs
Unusual change in behavior
Sever headache
Increased confusion
Neck pain
Cannot be awakened
Repeated vomiting
Seizure activity
Any fainting
Poor memory of NEW events


What to expect the first few days

1. Physically: headaches, light sensitivity, fatigue, noise sensitivity, dizziness
2. Cognitive: Feeling foggy, memory issues
3. Emotional: Irritability, more emotional, nervous or anxious
4. Sleep - very tired and sleeping more or not sleeping well

Self-care for first 48 hours to manage your symptoms

1. Reduce your activity & commitments (work, school, sports)
2. Take frequent breaks to rest & breathe
1. mindful, guided breathing exercises for relaxation
3. Sleep as much as needed (as long as it doesn’t disrupt your sleep cycle)
4. Avoid risky behaviors
5. Reduce or avoid screen time including phones
6. Hydrate and good nutrition
7. Dark lenses when outside and earplugs to minimize sound